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  • About Us

    About Us

    Centrepoint Childcare & Early Learning Centre aims to provide families and children with a friendly, warm, safe, secure and supported environment, which is conducive of love, learning and laughter.
    Centrepoint Childcare Centre will share with parents and families the vital role in caring for their children; and provide an inclusive approach into all aspects of the centre and all educational programs. We encourage open, positive and trusting relationships with parents and friends and scaffold the development of relationships with families.


    “As part of our Community, we understand and embrace the importance of belonging; we encourage and support local community events and the cultural ties to land, people and place.”


    Our Staff

    Our highly qualified and experienced Early Childhood Educators aim to achieve excellence in their role as facilitators, role models and nurturers of young children’s learning and development.
    We respect the needs and rights of children to make choices and decisions by empowering them to take responsibility for the functioning parts of the daily routines.

    CENTREPOINT CHILDCARE maintains regular staff, which work on various rosters to enable the centre to operate efficiently and to maintain the consistency of care for your child. Every staff member has the opportunity to attend any in-service courses that are available – this allows the staff to keep up-to-date with ideas and changes within the Childcare industry.


    “Each child and family is unique and at Centrepoint Childcare we believe that individuals rights, needs, and cultural diversity should be acknowledged, valued, respected and catered for and reflected through the program.”



    Our Philosphy

    1. To reflect an inclusive, holistic and positive approach to gender, race, culture, class and individual identities, showing an understanding and respect for diversity.
    2. Play is the learning process that enables children to learn through concrete ‘hands on’ experiences, such as doing, experimenting, predicting, achieving and making mistakes. As the children play to learn, they bring their own unique talents to the education process.
    3. To have flexible routines so that the children have time to learn, have choices and are co-constructers of their learning.
    Emphasis is placed on a strong self image where children can feel confident, where children become active learners, while developing independence and self esteem.
    4. To develop with the children age appropriate behavioural guidelines, valuing the importance of positive reinforcement, thereby allowing the children to develop the ability to self regulate their behaviour in a positive manner. To use only positive management strategies when dealing with children’s behaviour, to provide positive guidance and boundaries so children can understand behavioural limits.
    5. To establish reflective practises for evaluation and effective planning, identifying strengths and interests and pedagogical practice-using holistic approaches and intentional teaching.
    6. To design and develop an enriching environment that stimulates the imagination promotes creativity and enhances aesthetic development and appreciation of nature, focusing on sustainability and an awareness of the world around us.
    7. To implement all aspects and theories of the Early Years Learning Framework, and the concepts of Being, Belonging and Becoming- using this to build on children’s interests, knowledge, experience and background as individuals and within the group.

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    Centrepoint Childcare Centre Level 2 Centrepoint Shopping     Centre, Tamworth
    (02) 6766 2888
  • Opening Hours

    The Centre is open from 7.30am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday 52 weeks a year and will only be closed on Public Holidays